Tuesday, September 26

nothing left to lose

I am officially bad at blogging. It's not that I don't have thoughts in my brain, or a desire to share them, but it's definitely a culture issue. I have to be retaught how to function socially on the internet. And also I sit in front of a computer all day at work, so my desire to do so at night has been somewhat quelled. I think I will stick some pictures on here soon.

So lately I was thinking about if before we were born we took a course called "Mortal Life Prep." This would be structured similar to mission prep, and, like all good mission prep courses, would have to be taught by someone who's actually been there, done that, so we were probably taught by Heavenly Father, and I bet He's pretty good at it. I think He was because all the time when we learn stuff here that we already learned there, it resonates as true within us, even though there's that veil thing. We probably learned really well there, huh. And then I was thinking, well, not only that, but He sends us people to give us sortof a Mortal Life Survival course, a crash course if you will, for those who have already started, but still need help (i.e., me). So He gives us people that are pretty good at living, who have done it for a while, and have access to some pretty nifty communication with the Experts. In sum, at the end of this thought, I was mad grateful to have prophets, and to be able to listen to them this weekend.

That is the end of the thoughts.