Tuesday, February 27

2.5 miles

So I finally decided today that it was time to get running. I'm doing a half marathon in May. That's like 13 miles. MUCHO running. So today I stepped onto the treadmill in attempt to get my legs back in condition and my knees re-oiled for the journey. Mostly, though, I was amused by the inter-gym interplay. On my left are the musclehead guys impressing the mirror with the enormous amount of metal they can lift up to their chests--repeatedly--and on my right is the married guy who just got off his corporate job and is running away all the stress. In the corner is the girl who's learning what the bench press is for the first time, and then the girl with something to prove who keeps rowing and rowing and rowing on the floor beside me. And then there's me, sometime runner, in my Duke shirt, switching between CNN and the Knicks game. I wonder which category the other workerouters were putting me into? And yet I realize that it doesn't matter--one opinion does, and I can't see others' thoughts nor they mine, so I really shouldn't be deciding what type of a person anybody is anyway. What matters most in the end is not my heart's capacity to endure a long run but its capacity to extend love.

And work today was great--amazing how much better of a mood I'm in when I realize that PMS is the cause of all my woes. Ha! Realizing the cause of things helps me deal with them better. Now if only I could figure out what has caused me to be, as my sister puts it, "eternally weird."

Tonight I also fell asleep on the floor while listening to some lovely guitar playing and singing. Ahhh, bliss. Why is it that every girl is smitten by the guitar and yes, even by "Tears in Heaven"? I've heard it a million times but somehow it still makes me swoon.

I need to go to bed before I faint. Onward....