Friday, November 12

bump, set...

...ok, just bump. Here's a pic of J and I at Halloween this year. He's a construction worker. I am self explanatory. :) Also our awesome pumpkins. Recognize them? 20 points to whoever figures them both out.

Also my sister sent me a link to this excellent website about intuitive eating. I know many of us have weird relationships with food or fall prey to other folks' weird theories about eating, and I thought this website had some good, sound advice.

Lastly, I now wash my face nightly with olive oil. Yes, you read that right. WITH OLIVE OIL. Never have I enjoyed such even-toned, soft, and clear skin as I have since embarking on this new routine. It is awesome. I won't preach the gospel of oil washing here but let me know if you want more info. It is easy, cheap, and effective. All favorites.

Now adios! I'm going to bed! At 10:30 on a Friday! I'm old!