Friday, November 13

just another friday night at home

The holiday season is also the season where Jason works weekends, so I find myself with extra time to meditate. This is probably good. Random assortment of thoughts:

  • It was 8:30pm, and then, two minutes later, I looked at the clock again, and it was 9:30pm. What? Laundry still at my feet, not folded, workout clothes still on my bed, not worn. Sigh. The internet sucks my life away.
  • Tomorrow my flag football team has its first (and, if won, second) tournament playoff game(s)! Oh how excited I am! This past few weeks of playing has revealed to me not only my inherent competitiveness (thank you, Grandma R), but also the importance of finding something to do outside that is fun when the days become shorter. Also I have increased sympathy for the football players I used to yell at through the screen for dropping the ball. Sometimes you just screw up. You learn from it and life goes on.
  • Why is it that I can only seem to grow out my fingernails during football season?
  • My coworkers and I are doing the 100 pushup challenge. It is kindof hard. I am a wimp.
  • Sometimes, I don't like my job. Sometimes I really do like it. I guess this is normal.
  • A girl at a ward we went to last week told us how she reads the Book of Mormon daily and with it keeps a journal thing which she calls her "Book of Change." She reads and studies and then after/during, she writes at least one thing that day that she will change. After reading, she asks herself the question, "Because of what I have learned today, what can I change to better follow the Christ?" or something to that effect. I loved this idea. I shall begin.
  • I kidnapped Jason last weekend and we went up to Midway and Park City. It was so fun. We ate food, we cycled around, we shopped a bit, we talked a bunch, we kicked up leaves, we looked at tons of stars, we soaked in the hot tub, we slept in. Ahhh. It was perfect. I think this may be a yearly tradition just to give the poor Jasonius a break from his crazy schedule. He works hard at both work and school and both are requiring lots of his time lately... poor dude. Doesn't stop him from putting away the dishes and folding the laundry though (two of my most hated chores, hence the pile still at my feet), even when I gave him strict instructions to not do housework because he's not got the time. Too bad for me he's disobedient. :)
  • We move on Thanksgiving weekend to the condo! Hopefully. Appraisal expected Mondee or Tuesdee. Hopefully. Sigh, why is patience so hard? ha.
  • Someday, I want to be good at growing plants. I think I can learn.
  • I also want to be good at acquiring free appliances, like washers. The condo's washing machine conveniently broke 2 weeks before move in date. Ah well.
  • If you could meet one person from history, who would it be? I might choose Abigail Adams. I think she was a champion.
  • Which is better, buying a couch on craigslist or getting it on the cheaps at the RC willey outlet?
  • On our way home from the romantical kidnapping weekend, Jason and I had a big fight. Haha, what a way to end the romantic weekend eh? Driving down the canyon and we're not speaking to each other. Fabulous. It was about unmet expectations (which were uncommunicated, because they weren't realized...bound to happen. of course they were mine.) which led to frustration. Folks, don't discuss important questions over instant messaging and email. This is no good. Lesson learned, life goes on.
  • Apparently I have an issue with feeling like I'm not in control of things. Hahaha, yeah. I do.
  • As I get older, I find that I think more often before I speak. However, this is not always the case. My immediate reaction to something my coworker said the other day was, "That's dumb." Wow, I am awesome at positive reinforcement!
  • I'm real glad for the Atonement.
  • ...And the time of year to remember it! Yay for Christmas! And because I can listen to Bing and Ella and Perry Como all day and not pay a dime. I still love technology.
  • Sometimes people I care a lot about are going through really hard times, and I don't know about it. Today was one of those days where I found out about really hard times going on in the life of a friend. Life is hard sometimes. I think it's meant to be that way, but oh how much we need each other. I need you people.
  • Sometimes I have some hard times, and I don't really tell anybody about it. I'm glad for folks that point me to lasting sources of strength. Thanks, dudes.

End random assortment of thoughts. The Jason returneth. He has a surprise. I hope it's a puppy.

postscript: It's not a puppy. It's a cd with MP3s of General Conference. Just as good.

Sunday, November 1

sisters weekend

A photo tribute. This was in September and so fun. Thanks for coming, Kristen! Thanks for journeying up from Provo, Melissa! I loved it. We watched dancing, we ate some foods, we chatted away, we enjoyed flicks, we bonded. Can't wait for the 2011 repeat.

We walked to Temple Square.

We listened to the MoTabs. Kristen is cute!

In reverse birth order.

We celebrated Melissa's birfday! Her tongue is dangerously close to those raspberries...
Jason's violent tendencies rear their ugly heads. Again.

We are kindof adorable.

Melissa and Ammon get all esnuggly.
(sorry A, couldn't find the accent marks on the macbook. poo.)

And just for funsies, this is my new shower hat. I think it's attractive.

More photos to come now that I've located them finally on J's computer!


p.s. I loved President Uchtdorf's words this eventide. Jason and I have a new tradition of commenting on what was amazing about our day. Amazing today was having my own personal prayers and loneliness answered and filled by the Spirit as an Apostle of the Lord spoke. What was amazing for you this weekend?