Sunday, June 29


I'm moving!

See details:

So sad to say goodbye to Boston.

SO happy for Jason.

p.s. Thanks to all of your for your wonderful advice. I am taking extensive notes.

Thursday, June 19

t minus 1 month

So. One month from today I will be getting married.


One month from right NOW I will probably be laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what I am getting myself into, but also probably so excited I could pee my pajamas.

Married friends: do you remember what this felt like? A month away and not sure if you have time to do everything and get it done right? Any words of wisdom for the experientially-impaired? How do I keep sane in my last month of engagement?

Not-so-married friends: you know this feeling of having WAY too much to do and WAY too little time to do it in? How do you, in particular, find balance?

I read this quote the other day: "Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom in life consists in the elimination of the non-essential."

All: I loved this quote, mostly because it's something I strive for but don't quite achieve. How do you learn to let go of things and leave them for another day? How do I decide what's essential and what's not? How do I let go of guilt when I don't get all the things done that I wanted to or felt like I should for that day?

Virtual penny for your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 4

how to get happy in the next half hour

I read this article online today... super good!

Check it:,21861,1734800-1809876,00.html

And then go have a bunch of yogurt pretzels.
That was my happiness package of the day.