Monday, September 15


Finally, they are here!!! There is a ridiculous amount of photos on my picasa site: . Just phase 1 since I still need to compile photos from the wedding day, but you can find an album of The Honeymoon and also our Trek West up there, which are quite fun. Here is a sampler:

Friday, September 12


I just found out from my first companion on my mission that the temple in Honduras is having some setbacks... see her post here:

And if you could keep the temple in your prayers... temples and miracles are often connected, but require the exertion of our faith and prayers. A temple in Honduras means infinite blessings for the people of Honduras and Nicaragua and the surrounding areas... it means they don't have to save up for a year before they can make the trip to Guatemala to be sealed to their families.

Gracias, amigos.

Tuesday, September 2


So. I know it's been a while. A LONG while. But I have happy news: I am back!!! We got internet this morning and it is glorious! So... soon to come:

  • Lovely photos of the wedding
  • Lovely photos of the honeymoon
  • Lovely photos of the cross-country drive
  • Lovely photos of our apartment
And et cetera. I will have to compile them all, now that I have internet, and get them up online. Yay!

In the meantim
e, this is what I have been up to:

...Being a sloth! I sleep in, I buy furniture, I clean things, I open boxes, I cook food, I buy insane amounts of stuff from Target. I am a domestic diva. Who knew?!? And I even finished a book. These Is My Words, by Nancy Turner. Fantastic book.

Now that I have internet, the job search begins... I don't know whether to be excited or mourn the passing of my days as a sloth.

Stay tuned for pics!

Love to all.