Monday, December 13

you asked for it

I have been negligent about posting belly photos. Reasons: (1) it is a little hard to get used to the idea of myself as such a large person. (2) I am also somewhat of a private person, so I forget to post stuff like this unless reminded. I have been reminded, so here is a photo--taken yesterday evening, of me at 32 weeks. I am getting progressively there! 56 more days, my weekly email tells me. Yay! And also, aggghh!! It is getting closer which = more real, which = more scary. But we are also excited.

We had some family up for to see the Christmas lights and enjoy a little holiday cheer and delicious food. This was good times. Enjoy photos:

Happy Christmas, everyone! May the season fill you with light as much as The Light of the world has filled our souls with His birth. Yay and double yay for that.


Wednesday, December 8

happy decemberween!

Yay! I love December. Christmas and snow and seeing family and friends and drinking hot cider. So much goodness in this month. I love how friendly everyone is all the time and wishing me happy holidays. I may keep this tradition up all year round. If I'm asked what holiday, I'll just pick the closest one.

9 more weeks of pregnantness. Yay. I feel so big. Baby is measuring 3 lbs 14 oz and about 3 days ahead of his due date, according to ultrasound yesterdee. Also, he is cute. You'll have to take my word on that one since I don't want to put ultrasound photos on my blog. That seems weird. Here I am at 28 weeks, so this is 3 weeks ago. Baby is kicking tons, nausea has come back a bit (boo), and I am trying to mentally prepare for childbirth, which has me alternately excited and terrified.

Jason is ridiculoso busy with school and work. We don't see much of each other, and when he's around he's usually typing up a paper. Here he is on Thanksgiving weekend, with his new leather jacket which he wears around the house because it makes him feel awesome. He is. I will be glad when this guy gets a break and a chance to sleep.

It snowed a bunch one day and Jason was trying to suggest things we could do together while he was both home and awake one Sunday... I picked building snowmen. Here are our friends:

Bet you can guess which one is me. Clue: the pregnant one. And at our house, snowmen wear sombreros and their mouths are made of strawberry jam.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and continued to get more snow... our little friends were buried.

As they have melted in the past few days, I look at them outside the window and think, "Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru!" Hahaha. I'm hilarious.

Are you getting excited for the holidays? I hope the season finds you well and with lots of ideas about how to make it meaningful and fun.