Monday, May 17


So a bunch of time has passed since last I posted. Of note:

  • I went to Washington to see my family and Jason's family and also for the Vancouver, B.C. temple dedication. It was so fun. The temple is beautiful, the family is wonderful. Also my little bro got his mission call (on the day I got there! prayers are answered. ha.) to Nicaragua! Excited for him. Missions are super rad. The gospel is super rad. Sharing it is super WAY rad.
  • Read this. It is wisdom, and very short.
  • I turned 28! I am getting up there in years. Weird.
  • For my cumpleanos, Jason took me on a surprise trip in a hot air balloon--one of the most prominent items on my bucket list. It was glorious. How I love that man. It's like he figures his only purpose in life is to make my dreams come true. (He does.) Photos can be seen on the facebook place, if interested.
  • I got a new computer! It came in the mail today. (I'm only slightly embarrassed to say that the 8:30am knock on the door from the FedEx man woke me up.) May more blog posting ensue. I will still keep my other beloved laptop--this one is for quick surfing and Skyping. Yay.
  • Still tutoring, and it is super great. I love it. Also still studing for the NASM personal training cert.... better hop to that. Ack! Is it seriously almost 2pm? Ok I'm signing off.