Tuesday, January 27

Feel the need for speed

So, I have done it. I have found another half marathon. July 11, 2009 and I have convinced at least 4 people to do it with me. Yeah! I had to do that so I would actually do it, too. Any of you nearish folks wanna join? I'm thinking of making arm bands with some sort of clever team name. Suggestions happily accepted.

Radio silence has been due to family/friends in town, moving, and general craziness of life, along with the added bliss of the blackberry which prevents me from ever needing to get on my home computer. I'm terrible.

I ran a mile today! Hey, gotta start low and work yourself up. It's been a few weeks and a rolled ankle since my last run, so I'm takin' it nice and easy. And now, I must go to bed so Jason will stop playing "bubble breaker" on his phone and get some sleep!