Saturday, June 2

muggy muggles

Holy cow. It is HOT in Boston. I ran this morning and I probably lost about 5 pounds in pure sweat. Gross, man. Gross.

So it is entirely possible that I remain single for the rest of my born days. I came to this realization today when I was reflecting upon my inability to reciprocate romantical feelings towards those menfolk that feel them for me, and my just-as-awesome inability to make boys that I really dig like me back. What is up with that? So I have declared for myself a celibate life, and I will now become a literary genius. I think that's what all truly frustrated people do, don't they? Or perhaps those that just have a lot to say. I seem to fall in both categories lately. Haha.

I also by the way am convinced that temples are the coolest places on earth, and that each of us has a specific plan, a specific mission, and a specific need to put our wills on the altar of sacrifice constantly.

And that isolating oneself is BAD.

I think I should probably go to bed.