Wednesday, April 14

well, hello 29.

Jason turned 29 yesterday. Happy Birthday to him! We just had a low key night at home. Jason passed a little time with book 7 of Harry Potter, then we ate Mum's spaghetti and had cake and watched Up (interspersed with lovely phone calls from family, which he loved), and went to bed about 10pm. We are old people.

Making THE cake. Notice the dishes all done in the background.
Jason did them. I tried to make him not do them, but he is all nice and stuff.

Lovely cream cheese layer.

So strong. And brave. And 29.

Jason is cute. I mean, handsome.


I forgot the candles, but luckily Jason still likes me. Phew.

Blowing out his makeshift match candle.

Happy Birthday, J! So glad you were born. Seriously. So glad.

In other news, I start a new job tomorrow! Yay! I am tutoring a girl for half a day each morning. Due to some circumstances in her life, she needs a tutor to catch her up before she begins her senior year of high school next year. I am really excited. I met with her and her family a couple of weeks ago and it just felt right. Now I know why I couldn't go through with all the other job applications I started and would never complete! This is it. It all makes sense in retrospect.

And, since I got a job thing again, I have also purchased my study materials to become a personal trainer. So in about four months or less, I will be prepared--and certifiably able--to kick your behinds into shape! (And mine.) I decided to go with NASM as it is the most recognized around these parts. Then I can go on and pursue additional certifications where I see the need. Sweet!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 6

guess who's pregnant?

Not me! But my sister is, and we threw her a baby shower on March 27. IT WAS SO FUN. And exhausting. And fun! I was nervous because I can think of maybe 3 baby showers I have been to in my lifetime, but I think it went well. Here are some photographs:


More foods!

Gram and Leslie. Grandma saved the day by helping in the kitchen. Leslie is cute.

So did these two lovely ladies! My cousins. Aren't they pretty?

My seester Kristen drove all the way from Colorado to be there as a surprise to Melissa--here Kristen's oldest appears with the food she was so eager to help get ready, though I think she ate only Skittles. Hehe.

Here is Grandma at the gift/note table. We had folks sign some Dr. Suess books for Melissa to take with her to California.

Lovely Connie, whose house we invaded. She is really just wonderful. Here with Aunt Val, who drove since 2am to come down. She is crazy cool.

Mom was able to be there also, thanks to Skype and Jason who lent me his laptop for the day, even though he had homework. What a dude. And what a mom! You rule, momma.

Kristen put together this fun Family Feud game. She did a great job!

What is a Pugmire shot without weird faces? All 3 sisters.

Here are some of the shower attendees. For more photos, click here.

Kristen's kids were so eager to help with gifts. :) And Aunt Heather did an amazing job of organizing gift bags. Seriously. She has skillz. I think the gifting helped curb little Kimmie's disappointment in not being able to actually see Melissa's baby--she asked Melissa several times when her baby was "going to pop out," and responded dejectedly when told that the baby would come in the summer, "I thought we were going to be able to see the baby." Apparently she thought the baby would be born during the shower!

After the shower, we headed to Provo to play outside and to see Steve and enjoy some foods and ice cream at the creamery. So fun to have us together! Mom, Pops, and Brizo--we missed you.

Adios Meliss, and good luck in San Diego! Thanks for letting us party with you before you left! And boo for sisters moving away.