Wednesday, August 26


I did day 3 of week 1 last night! Woohoo!

I have also started this workout ... It is, as Jason would say, kicking the trash.

In other news, my parents and brother come this week to visit! Can't wait!

And now, back to creating websites so you Utahns can file and pay your taxes online. Sweet.

Friday, August 21

going dark

I heard this phrase from a friend (well, a facebook friend) today. When her husband gets home from work today, they are "going dark" -- meaning no cell phones, no internet, no facebook -- for the entire weekend. I thought to myself, no big deal. And then I obsessively picked up my phone every 2 minutes to see if anyone had contacted me from the outside world, thus validating my existence. And then I thought to myself, The entire weekend without phone or internet? Could I survive it? Could I even display that kind of self-discipline? Could you?

I think I'm going to try it.

...But not today. :)

Thursday, August 20

we are not morning people.

J and I got up early this morning to accomplish some of our goals. And by early, I mean 5am. It was EARLY. Goals accomplished, Jason went back to bed and I went skipping off to work. And now he has arrived at work and I am ready for a nap! Maybe we'd be better at mornings if we went to bed before midnight...

In other news, I have restarted the hundred pushup challenge. Want to join me? I did day 1 yesterday. ... It's a fun challenge. I'll keep you posted on my bulging biceps.

I also am storing up for a sweet anniversary post, but I need Jason's computer which houses all the photos... To be continued...