Friday, October 29


So, October has been rad. J and I went to California for an adventure with some of our favorite peeps. So glad we got to see those of you we got to see! And so glad to have some beach and sun time before we came back. To snow. Sigh, winter...

So happy to see all of these ladies. I love you girls.

...and my favorite little sister and her cool husband

p.s. their kid is adorable

J and I spent hours and hours together driving and we didn't even
get bored of each other. That is amazing. True love here, people.

...but then, how could you not love this man?

Back to life, back to reality... J has been working and going to school lots. I have been growing a baby lots. He is getting strong and good at kicking me right in the spinal cord, or so it seems. Still training some folks and doing a lot of domestic things like baking bread and cleaning and organizing... all the things I couldn't do while I was so nauseous, and probably won't have much time for come February. It is fun. I feel an odd sense of peace in my life, even though by every someone else's standards, I might appear a bit lazy (no job? what?)... but I am having a good time researching about babies and all the STUFF they need and how to properly care for one, and trying to keep things flowing at home so the J man can have clean clothes and food to eat, even if I don't get to see him very much. (p.s. This takes up a considerable amount of time. No wonder I never cooked or organized or cleaned properly while I worked full time! And props to you people who do work and/or raise children, and also do these things. I am in awe of you.)

Want to see the belly? It is a-growin. Course my california dessert adventure may not have helped much. :) J took one as well, as usual. Ha. For my 2nd belly photo I stuck that sucker out so you could get an idea of how I FEEL. Enormous. But that is good. Grow, little man! Only 15 more weeks to go!

Saturday, October 2

oh, how LOVELY was the morning

So enjoyed General Conference this morning. I feel to change and improve. Looking forward to some more learning, reproof, and revelation this weekend. I love October... or, as J calls it, ROCKtober. :)

I passed my personal training certification test yesterday, yay! (NASM) So now I will be seeking for some folks to punish, ahem, I mean, help to improve their movements. I'm so excited. I've been training a friend along with myself for the past two months and I love this methodology. Makes a lot of sense and my body, though it feels enormous, also feels strong. Yay.

Baby update: he is kicking around so much these days. He's quite active, it appears! I'm excited. I need a son that I can teach to play sports. J is in charge of teaching him how to be a rock star. I guess we'll both take on the effort to teach him who he is and what he's doing on this planet in the first place. Intimidating? Yeah. But we'll rely on the Spirit all of the times. I think it will be ok.

Off to Costco for me! I require almonds, in bulk!