Monday, May 28

home is where the heart...

I've found that for me, home is where the heart can rest. I've been home for two days and my heart feels so at peace. Sure, there are constant tuggings at it to be better, kinder, more loving... but I've noticed that in my home, I feel safe. I feel like the most pure me, and that even though I recognize my shortcomings, it's a safe place to start over and not feel attacked for past mistakes. Yay for home! I went to my home ward today and a lovely woman who is grandma to the whole ward basically came up to me and put her arm around me and said, "Welcome HOME." I felt like Anne of Green Gables or something. I knew I was home. Ahh, bliss.

Funny things happen in Ferndale, though... I went to my friend Meredith's wedding yesterday, lovely, and afterwards my parents and I headed to the spring formal to get some wedding reception ideas for my sister's wedding in July. The stake here puts on a spring formal to give the kids an alternative to the sometimes nasty prom environment. It's really cute and the parents go all out on decor and food and all the fixins. Yesterday they had a lighthouse, boats, a boardwalk, a sea scene, seashell lights, candle-sand lanterns... you name it, it was there, and it was magical. Apparently the magic had an effect on the 16-year-olds, too, because one of them asked me to dance. I was like, "Um, I'm 25." He responds, "Oh really, you're that old?" Hahaha, poor kid... and poor me, who apparently still looks like she's in high school! Arghhh. I'm sure I'll love it when I'm 70, but for now... HAhahahaha. Best moment all week.