Tuesday, August 10

A Tale of Two Parasites

(as told by Jason)

Once upon a time, Laura and Jason went to Honduras. They had a killer time.

One night, Jason and Laura ate at Chili's. From that moment on, Jason carried with him a parasite. Unbeknownst to most, Laura was also carrying a parasite. Both parasites wreaked their havoc. Jason did everything he could to fight his parasite. Laura, on the other hand, did everything she could do to feed her parasite.

When they got back from Honduras, Jason got a drug that killed his parasite. Laura, on the other hand, got more drugs to keep her parasite from killing her.

Our little parasite is now 14 weeks old, and we hope to carry it for another 26, until approximately February 7.

To be continued...

Monday, August 2

so, this one time, we went to honduras

It has been a dream of mine to return to Hondolandia since I got back from my mission there (FIVE years ago! Gah!). I promised the folks that I'd be back, and they told me that all the missionaries always said that, but I told them that I meant it.

I totally did. We went from Weds July 21 to Weds July 28 and it was amazing. Surreal, miraculous, fantastic, funny, and so good. I posted all the photos on facebook so they are all visible there. I'll post some of my faves here. These are people that have continued in the gospel, and it shows on their faces. They've been to the temple with plans to return, and they have the peace that comes from living as a disciple of Christ. I love them and I seek to be more like these beloved, humble, generous, devoted people. They may have little in the way of material possessions and comforts, yet they are happy. I miss them.

p.s. Jason was a champ, and somehow managed to be funny despite his limited Spanish. And he navigated us around the country like a pro. And didn't even crash despite the CRAZY drivers there. And came back with serious intestinal woes. We're hoping he gets into a doctor tomorrow. Oh, Honduras....