Monday, September 28

Suicide Prevention Walk + I'm Famous!

My friend Ashley Crist lost her brother to suicide a couple of years ago. She has grieved and then channeled her energies into the prevention efforts and to helping others let go of the guilt and pain associated with losing a loved one to suicide.

I was there for the 5k on Saturday at Wheeler Farm. It was a touching and emotional experience--healing for many, I hope.

Click here to see a clip from the news. You can see me walking around, ready for the run to begin.

Thanks Ash for a beautiful and soul-enlarging experience.

Sunday, September 13

Ode to Jason

Well, the Jason and I have been married for like thousands of hours now. Literally 14 whole months on Saturday. It has been the most soul-enlarging, self-searching, charity-inducing, fear-facing, joy-producing 14 months of my life. I seriously lucked out. How on earth I was blessed enough to find such an honorable, good, kind, smart, funny, un-boring, witty, diligent, forgiving, patient, thoughtful, inspiration-seeking, humble, highly attractive man, I shall never know, but I know Dios had a lot to do with it, and so did the scores of friends and family that talked me out of bailing on him out of fear. Thanks for that, peeps. I really am so thankful for that. He is the best thing that's happened to me yet, and I'm full of gratitude for the promises we've made to each other and to the Lord that will bind us eternally if we are faithful. Rad. Here's how we celebrated our anniv:

Lovely remembrance of promises

Fun hike up City Creek

Super tasty dinner at super fancy La Caille

He's pretty much a stud.
And, like, mysterious and stuff.

Thanks J for (still) choosing me, and for taking me on the best adventure yet! I think you're pretty cool, all of the times.

Friday, September 11

september 11

Just a link for you in memorandum of the folks who passed 8 years ago, and because I'm feeling a bit patriotic. The lyrics at the end of this song are the most poignant.

This is Jason's friend Michael Sackett, and I believe the song was written by Rob Gardner.

Tuesday, September 8

baleadas: a tribute

Have you ever partaken of this amazing tastiness? If not, I am here to preach the good news of the baleada to you. This is the most delicious tasty thing. The typical street bite of Honduras, it is also one of Jason's and my favorite things to base our meal around. Just get some flour tortillas, some frijoles fritos (refried beans), and some crema, and you're set. I just read online that some folks add a hard salty cheese, grated, or egg, or avocado... I'll have to try that.

I've tried many options for the mantequilla (cream) to go on top, and the closest thing I can find can be found at an Albertsons or grocery store that caters to the Latino crowd. Looks like this:

... and tastes like heaven. I'm eating some right now. YUM.

Tuesday, September 1

feeling gloomy and tired?

Have you noticed how in the winter, it's harder to wake up, it's harder to get moving, and sometimes even during the summer you feel that way? Turns out it could be a vitamin D deficiency. I have it from 2 doctors that most folks do not get enough vitamin D... and some do not absorb it well in the body. I started taking a vitamin D supplement (about 2000 IU per day) to make up for the lack of sunshine I am getting (cave dwelling IT consultant life takes its toll), and I feel a lot more energetic, I must say... and I must share my newfound excitement for vitamin D. Remember to get your vitamin D via natural means as well (fish, meat, cheese, midday sunshine, etc). This is sweet. Interesting article here.