Monday, February 22


Jason just sent me a link to this photo. I laughed merrily.


Tuesday, February 16

Happy Valentimes

I spent the holiday away for the long weekend--went to Colorado to visit my sister again and her family. It was so fun! My bro had not seen them since he got home from his mission, so we took a little road trip! It was good times. I have a lot of healthy respect for my brother, and it was so good to see K&J and play palisades with them and play the monster game with the kids. :) They are so fun!

When I got home late last night after braving the snow and ice of Wyoming roads, I had a lovely spray of flowers waiting for me on the coffee table, as well as a video queued up which Jason had made for me. He is adorable. He has put the video on his blog which you can view here if you are interested. I basically just sat there and cried. How did I end up with the best husband ever? I think it was pure luck, blessings, and a whole lot of you people talking me out of running from the best thing that has happened to me. Thanks, peeps, for helping me have the courage to take a chance on the Jason: he consistently exceeds my expectations. I am amazed and feel very, very blessed. I don't know how long he and I have to spend together in this little mortal existence, but I feel very lucky for every day.

p.s. If you can't get the video to work, keep trying. Apparently it works sometimes if you just keep at it.

p.p.s. The song is called "I Love You Anyway" by Jason's friend Jarrett Burns, a singer/songwriter whose album Jason is working on mixing and producing. Jarrett wrote this song and sang it with Debra Fotheringham. I love all of his work so I'll definitely let y'all know when the album is done. xoxo

Wednesday, February 10

week 3 of unemployment

Well hello there folks. Here I am at 12:21am, blogging away whilst Jason finishes his paper. He has to finish it tonight because there is no time tomorrow, and tomorrow it is due. I am watching Waking Ned Divine. It's kindof a quirky movie. Ah, the Irish.

So it is the 3rd official week of my unemployment and it has been going well. I am enjoying seeing the sunshine in the mornings, reading for fun again, and organizing my household, as well a bit of online tv. I can't resist Biggest Loser and Extreme Home Makeover, what can I say? Today I watched about a house they gave to a teacher who has cancer. I cried. Americans are good. Sometimes a little too generous in my opinion, which paves the way for entitlement, but that's another topic for another day.

How's about some fotos? I don't have 'em of my little casa yet because I haven't put the books on the bookshelf and rehung the photos, and I'm embarrassed to put up fotos of empty bookshelves. Ha. Now that I've admitted that, I may as well post them. Soon, my pretties. Instead, here's one of my most recent hair cut and color. I love bangs. They keep me warm. And so does that sweet $10 fleece I'm wearing. I love Old Navy outlets. And wearing fleece so that I can turn the furnace down. Jason thinks I'm a stickler but I just tell him to put on a sweater. Haha, I'm such a penny pincher... sometimes.

Here's another foto... since I find myself jobless these days, I like to cook for the Jason. And for me! Here we are inventing a stir fry. It had way too much cayenne but just the right amount of blackberry jelly (thanks Mom) and pineapple and yummy vegetables. Ahhh, good food. I may or may not have gained 5 pounds since I have become unemployed. Of course that may or may not be pure muscle, since Jason and I have also been doing P90X. We are basically pure muscle now.

Please notice Harry Potter on the counter. Yes, I am reading again! My goal for 2010 was to read 10 books. I know, it's an embarrassingly small number. I am much more of a doer than a reader, which is why I used to subscribe to audiobooks back in the day--I can get my cleaning/workout/organizing/errands done while also educating myself. But this year it's pure reading, my friends, and the Old Testament is on the list, so I thought 10 was plenty ambitious.

Tomorrow to celebrate unemployment I am going to go find out some more about substitute teaching, since I have considered this teaching gig for years, and having lunch with an old college friend, and making dinner for an elderly lady in my new ward. It is sweet to have more time. Soon I will get another real job and perhaps have something respectable to answer when folks ask me how the job search is going, but for now, I'm cooking and cleaning and organizing and visiting and trying to help out where I can, and I feel like life is good.


p.s. Sorry for the length. It is past midnight, which means I wax loquacious.

Friday, February 5

worst blogger ever, but... improving?

So I got this anonymous comment on my blog that reads,

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
What the what? I think my desire to blog for a while was curtailed due to the anonymous critics. My blog is getting more creative and original now? I guess I am being more open now, and also Jason is in my life, which engenders creativity and originality, but still! What a weird comment.

In other news, I have been reprimanded by my sister for not posting photos of our very stellar January vacation to see her. She is right! I have not posted! I here repent.

Behold the cutest kids EVER and the good times we had in Colorado! Thanks K&J for letting us visit for the weekend!

I think I will blackmail the children with these photos someday.... and maybe Jason too. Doesn't he make the most adorable tropical reindeer princess? Hahaha, oh, how I love that man.