Wednesday, March 17

two things

First of all, I pledged to lose 9 pounds to the pound for pound challenge.

Don't worry, I checked it with Melissa, my sister dietitian, first. It still keeps me well within my healthy weight range. Totally safe. I'm stoked because I just wanted to do something extra to help those who have less, and there are lots of folks needing extra help. Also it is a cool way to get myself to work out with the knowledge that people in need are counting on me.

Secondly, if I ever bear children, their nursery will look like this:

I'm sure I can make it gender neutral somehow. See more pics here.

Saturday, March 13

take 20 minutes and watch this. it's worth it.

Thanks to my friend Tim who pointed me to this video. I sure did love it.

Or you can watch on its origin website here.

Monday, March 8

it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got

My friend Cheyenne turns on the radio when she is home alone so that she is motivated to do things (so hard to do when it's dead quiet). I lasted through about 40 minutes of NPR's ongoing (and quite circular, might I add) discussion of health care reform before I switched to the musica. I prefer guitars most mornings. Right now we've got Sheryl Crow's Soak up the Sun. Ah, the memories that old tunes bring back...

Here are some random thoughts for you.

Cheyenne and I dropped by The Square Nest and found the most adorable local cards. I liked the one above so much I framed it and put it on my desk.

I spent the weekend with my sister Melissa in P-town which was oh so fun. She rules. And her baby bump is cute. We ate, talked, watched a movie, cooked, packed up her stuff (boo for moving away) and generally just had a great time. I loved meeting up with her and Steve for some delicious Crunchy Cinnamon French Toast from Kneaders. YUM, and way good company. Photo spread:

In other news, some people (cough cough, Aunt Heather) don't really believe I'm doing this personal fitness trainer gig, but I really am. I begin classes April 19. I'm a wee bit nervous. I haven't done school for a while and I am hoping this will be an educational investment that will benefit my family in valuable ways, e.g. demonstrate the importance of taking care of the stewardship that is the body, help both Jason and I to keep fit, and be able to contribute to my community in a way that will promote greater health for the general populace. I am also hoping that someday if Jason and I ever produce offspring, it will be something I can do for a few hours a week to get some additional income and interact with adult-types. Then eventually when we buy a house, I can build an in-home gym and run a small business. My dream of getting a Masters is not forgot, but just on hold for a little while. This feels best for now.

So, off I go to look for a part-time job! Woot! And also get a nice 40 minute run in. SoCal Ragnar, here I come! And also join a food co-op. And maybe make the bed. Maybe.

Stay tuned for photos of the redone condo. I need some color ideas for when we paint the walls this spring, if you are willin'.