Wednesday, September 8

some of my favorites lately

So. First of all, I haven't died of nausea. That's a miracle and it's thanks to these:

No joke. Buy some at Walgreens or wherever if you experience nausea for any reason, and tell every person you know. They are amazing. Saved me from many an embarrassing public puking session.

That got me thinking about some of my favorite things...

  • For taking off mascara: Huggies Natural Care baby wipes. Keeps my lashes luscious. :)
  • For eating: ramen noodles. I ate 3 packages today. I'm disgusting. Hopefully baby likes sodium.
  • For smelling nice: I've been on a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume kick for a while. I think maybe it's time for something new (and I'm running out). Any suggestions?
  • For a new hair experiment: I just bought hot rollers to create those oh-so-desirable waves in my hairs. I shall experiment directly. Hopefully it works and I look awesome.
  • For muscle tightness: foam rolling, or self-myofascial release. I'm kindof a junkie lately. My foam roller arrives Saturday. CAN'T WAIT. Here's where I got a roller for myself and for J.
That is all. Sorry for the long breaks between blogging; I thought I was crazy for thinking that the computer made me sick, but it turns out that the refresh rate of a computer screen can actually do that. So now I will return to my books. And my hot rollers. To end, belly photos! (J insisted on having one as well. Hahaha, how I love him.) What a strange sensation this pregnant thing is. It is, in a word, a miracle.