Sunday, July 3

I may be the worst blogger ever, but here is a video

My sister requested updates... I made this video days ago but haven't been able to get a sweet song to play in the background. Melissa suggested this one, but I will let you select one for yourself. :)

I like how Melissa posts updates about her son, so I'm going to copy and tell you about some of Boston's new tricks. For all the uninterested/time-crunched, please proceed downward to the video. Promise I'm not offended. Heh.

Boston at 5 months:

  • Rolls from his belly to the left and to the right
  • Eats his right foot big toe
  • Plays with toys while on his belly
  • Raking grasp (I call it the grasp of death--beware getting your hair in his hands!)
  • Follows objects that I am trying to put out of his view, usually so that he will continue eating instead of looking at said objects. This is an unfortunate development.
  • Relatedly, while eating, B is very distracted by anyone/anything in the room, or sounds. Haha, there is a very funny story about how B started to SOB in the mothers room when a girl in our ward was singing a solo for her brother's farewell. I will not be sharing this info with their family.
  • Is all about touching and feeling everything with his hands or feet--books, walls, things with buttons or textures he can scratch, and especially trees, bushes, and grass.
  • Everything goes into his mouth. He has started eating some solid foods: applesauce, avocado, oatmeal baby cereal, strawberries, pineapple, and once for kicks we let him suck on a pickle but he did NOT enjoy it. The pickle face was priceless, however.
  • Sits up while resting on his hands
  • Weighs 16 lbs and is 25 inches long

  • Jason is convinced he said "Hey Dad" twice the other day. I'm pretty sure this is wishful thinking, but he is pretty chatty! He loves to chat with the ceiling and people. He chatted with Gavin, a kid in my Sunday School class, all through the class on Sunday. Also he chewed on Gavin's tie the whole time.
  • Knows how to turn the pages of a book, though mostly he wants to put all books in his mouth.
  • Apparently he can say "ma-ma," but I haven't heard it; Jason said he cried and said it while I was gone one time.
  • He knows how to suck liquids out of my camelbak bite valve water bottle and also sippy cups
  • Likes to grab things and put them in his mouth--he is learning that noses and lips do not come off

  • This kid is a major flirt. He can locate the ladies in any room or plane and hams it up for them. One time I was at a store and noticed he was smiling at the ceiling over my shoulder; curious, I turned to see what he was smiling at. Wouldn't you know it was a poster of a smiling woman hanging from the ceiling. Watch out, ladies. We've got a major heartbreaker on our hands.
  • ...But if you're a dude, he'll only smile at you if you (a) look something like Jason, or (b) have a gentle way with babies.
  • He's a socialite: he won't go to sleep in large crowds because he always wants to know what's going on and see what's happening.
  • He definitely knows who mom is and calms down most for me. Jason used to be able to put him to bed until we went to California and got sick... now he only wants mom when he's tired.
  • He has a super catchy laugh. He loves to chat and laugh with people, and he's extra ticklish around his ribs, on his thunder thighs, on his little feet, and below his chin.
  • Boston gets more and more fun every single day. He loves to play and explore and laugh and just be the stinking adorable ball of baby that he is.

  • He's gotten more insistent about eating NOW when he is hungry
  • Gets upset when toys are removed from his grasp (sometimes) ... mostly just the water bottle though.
  • Still a pretty calm, observant child. He loves to people watch and to look at the wind blowing through the leaves.
  • Lately he has been exploring different sounds he can make: spitting, p and b sounds, and sometimes he whines as if he's upset, but then you look at his face and he is fine--just trying new sounds.
  • Nobody can get him more cheerful and giggly than his dad. He loooooves his papa.

Now feel free to enjoy the video, with imaginary music in the background! :)


Yancy said...

umm...yeah, so...I read (and watched) the whole thing. :)

Kristen said...

so cute. I love the pic of him eating the keyboard. Also the first one of him alone in the grass in the brown shirt--you should develop that one. Beautiful. I just want to come play with him!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Anybody who scrolled down missed out on the best update list ever. You are one of the most entertaining people I know. You make me feel genuine love for your son. I can't wait to be a mom. :)