Tuesday, January 11

a Christmas photo spread with short captions

Jason and I got sweet cameras for each other for Christmas--his video, mine DSLR style--and I would like to show you rather than tell you some things about how it was. So fun. Photos begin Christmas day, post-camera reception.

Jason used his sweet video camera to record some of his parents' sweetness.
We haven't interviewed mine yet--they're warming up to the idea. :)

I still love technology... we used Skype so my sisters could be semi-
present while my missionary brother called home from Nicaragua.
So awesome.

I think Jason is the most good-looking man of all time.
Doesn't he just exude pure goodness, awesomeness, strength, and braveness?

Here we are chatting with my brother. It was a virtual family reunion!

The two brothermen a-chattin'. I sure like these guys.

Steve has sweet piano skills.

I come by my weird face-making honestly. Directly from my momma.

So happy to see this kid at Christmas! My nephew. So dang adorable.
So happy to see his parents, too. I just didn't post photographic evidence.

Momma is a doting grandmomma, too. I love how my parents
absolutely adore their grandchildren.

Great-grandmomma adores them, too.

Here is my cute other grandma, my papa's mama. We had
so much fun with all the folks at her place.

J loves his parents a whole bunch. They are good people, I tell you what.

And I seem to fit in with them just fine.

My papa gave me a fathers blessing as I have been feeling pretty
nervous about giving birth and becoming a mother and such.
One of the sweetest moments of my life.
I treasure it and I treasure my papa. Oh how I love him.

The day we left, it snowed! Here is adorable Grandma
waving at me through the frosty window.

It has snowed and snowed and snowed since we've been back...
we took advantage and went for a little light snowshoeing. Ahhh, clean air.

J constructing me some good meditative tracks to get me
through the labor and delivery process. This man gots skills.

Blairsy sent me this for Christmas this year. I love it. It is a physical
representation of that childlike hope that Christmas is all about--
the believing in good and in good things to come. Thank you, Blair.

Here are the curtains I put up over the closets in the baby's room.
Mostly this is for my sisters who helped me pick them out. I like!

When I go out in public these days, people look briefly
at my face, then immediately their eyes drift to the belly.
I am basically a walking belly. Nice.

Here I am at 36 weeks--took this one this morning.
26 days to D-day! Yipes!


Tif said...

Yay for a great Christmas! The picture of you with you Pa is so sweet.

You are now officially more pregnant than I ever have been. GO BABY!!!!

Ps. I better be on the list to be let know ASAP. Just sayin'

Melissa said...

Wahoo Walking bELLY! Also, I love the curtains, they look great. So glad I am good at convincing, not that I really had to. Also, I love the pic of grandma through the frosty window. Oh how I love Grandma!

holtkamp said...

what lovely pictures! you look great pugmire!!! -jen

J and Company said...

I love this post for so many reasons. First I have to say that you are a very lovely walking belly. That happens to all pregnant ladies I guess and I always thought it would get me sympathy stuff (like, go ahead of me in line) but I guess I didn't look pathetic enough. ha. :) Also, I love that you got a blessing from your dad about becoming a mom. Such a wonderful and sweet idea. John and I prayed together before going in for my c-section and it was the best thing we could have done to calm my nerves (of course it was). You're just awesome.

Kevin said...

Ha! I knew those faces had to come from somewhere! You guys will be great parents - you will experience the lowest lows but the highest highs will make it all worth it. Good luck!

Brandon & Michelle said...

You will be an awesome mom!

Michelle said...

I love you! You'll be such an awesome mom! The joy erases the hardships. :)

Kristina said...

You are going to be such an awesome Mom! Good Luck!