Saturday, January 1

officially freaking out

I counted the days until our due date this morning. 37 days. Oh my goodness. Am I ready for this? Is anyone ever ready? Probably not, but I think I'd better get to buying that crib and installing a car seat. Baby B's a-comin.

Do you make new years resolutions? I made a couple: 1. Go to bed at 10pm. 2. Read the New Testament through again. I have some other ideas floating around my brain but not solidified.

Christmas is so fun, no? I had the best time at home with my familia and J's familia. It is the best to be among those who know you so well and love you anyway. I feel pretty lucky to have a family that does, and to have pretty much the best in-laws of all time. J and I got sweet cameras for Christmas--me a DSLR and he an HD videocam--and we have been busily documenting our lives with live and still shots since. So. Much. Fun. So. Much. Disk space. I need a new external hard drive. :)

I have been reading The Peacegiver whilst on vacation and since returning (thanks Mom for letting me borrow your book). I highly recommend this one. One of the reasons I so enjoyed Christmas this year was because of what this book is teaching me about Christ and His continual ability to heal hearts. Give it a first or second read sometime. I am hoping to acquire this one to add to my bookshelf.

Happy New Year, lovies. I am lucky to know you folks. Here's hoping I get to see all of you in 2011.



Sarah Ida said...

Love love love that book. Its one of my favorites... in fact, maybe its time to read it again. Happy New Year Graham family! :)

rebecca said...

do you have any "colors" picked out for Baby B's surroundings? Just in case I were to make something for him.

J and Company said...

I'll have to check out that book. I am always in search of some extra peace in my life that is for sure. Also, I can understand your freaking out. I have 3 days left if you count today (which is more than halfway over). But you know what? I feel calmer the closer I get. I think you will too. I'm so excited and happy for you, because you are going to love it. Really. :)

Gretta said...

I read that book. It's a good one. was awesome to see you guys! Thanks for putting up with my exceedingly inTENSE family. You guys are wonderful!

jeanine said...

About a month out I always panic about everything that I haven't done... cleaning, buying, etc. But at some point I get calm and realize that it doesn't really matter..

Ashley said...

I can't wait to see baby pics!

Sending you love from the Holy Land!!!

Cheers :)